Meeting with Julien Leblond

I did my first dive in Guadeloupe with my Uncle when I was 7, and since I lived all my childhood in the Reunion island, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the lagoon and on the reef. With my mask and my fins, my brothers and I would only come back to...

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Interview: Michel Pichon

Can you introduce yourself in a few words ? My name is Michel Pichon. I am an Agronomist Engineer (Paris), a Doctor in Oceanography, Doctor in Science (Marseille), graduated in Oceanography from the ORSTOM, Officer of the Order of the Academic Palms. I...

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Meeting with Aldo Ferrucci

Can you introduce yourself in a few words (who are you, where you’re from, how old you were when you started diving, your experience as a rebreather diver, and the projects in which you’ve taken part in…)? My name is Aldo Ferrucci. I’m Italian and I am a...

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News from Polynesia

It’s been already two months since we arrived in French Polynesia. Two very intense months on the WHY and back in Concarneau. Our field team has emptied about 3 months worth of equipment and food that had been loaded in a container and shipped from...

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We sailed on an erupting volcano!

Leaving Honolulu Harbour at night is a pretty spectacular experience, looking at the illuminated skyscrapers look over the palm trees, and feeling the emotion of the departure for a long haul crossing. Kayak (a polar hero about to become a tropics her) is going to...

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Crossed views of Ghislain and Armand

From Sitak to Papeete, via Hawaii.  Armand, this is your first time sailing the WHY, is it an easy boat to get used to? Indeed. Even if I’ve often seen the WHY moored in Concarneau, I had never sailed on it before the departure from Sitka. I’m used to...

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Meet Marcel Koken

Who are you ?  My name is Marcel Koken. I’m a dutch citizen, but I have been working in France since 1994 for the National Center for Scientific Research - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). For the last 9 years, I’ve been studying the mechanisms...

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