Welcome on the press room for expedition Under The Pole III. Here you will find all press releases, the press kit, as well as photos and videos at your disposal. Please don’t hesitate to contact Bruno Valentin from Zeppelin agency regarding photos, and Grégoire Chéron from Heliom agency for all videos or any other request.

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Press Release


Early November 2017, Under The Pole III – under the leadship of Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout and Ghislain Bardout – finished the first leg of their latest adventure: sailing through the Northwest Passage for a study on natural fluorescence as well as on the Arctic biodiversity. During winter, the team was back in France, and has been preparing for the next chapter of this expedition: 15 months of underwater exploration in French Polynesia.

Press Kit


In this press kit, you will find all the key information on Under The Pole and its new expedition Under The Pole III • Twilight Zone. The 4 main scientific programs are detailed within this document : the bioluminescence and natural fluorescence program, Mesophotic coral reefs program, Apex predators program, and the inventory on biodiversity program.

The Capsule


“Capsule” is an experimental diving program applied to the study of submarine environment. It comes within a continious innovation approach aiming to allow man to durably and efficiently stay in immersion, for scientific and documentary purposes. During 3 months, the Capsule, a lightweight submarine habitat, will become the shetler of divers to conducts research in total and continuous immersion for few days.

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Under The Pole III • Arctic Leg


From 2017 to 2020, their schooner “WHY” will sail across the Pacific with a multi-disciplinary team on board : scientists, divers, sailors, cameramen, photographers, doctors… to explore a part of the oceans we have yet to know more about : the Twilight Zone, or Mesophotic Zone.

Under The Pole III • Pacific Leg


The WHY is now sailing into French Polynesia hot waters until the end of 2019. Focus on “Deep hope” program with the study of deep corals and apex predators like the great hammer shark, the bulldog shark. Then, the underwater capsule, light habitat allowing to saturation divers to stay for a long time and in total immersion, will be deployed.

Under The Pole II • Discovery Greenland


An expedition that comes within the continuity of the previous one to study North-South the submarine environment between the North Pole and the Arctic Circle. A systematic exploration of the submarine floors along the West coast of Greeland for over one cycle of seasons including a wintering in the sea ice, between surface and 112 m depth.

Pictures are copyright free for Web and Regional Daily Press up to a quarter page maximum

The iconographic collection of Under The Pole expeditions in managed by Zeppelin agency, for any request or to consult photographs, please visit their website or contact Bruno Valentin (tel : + 33 06 82 07 87 90).

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Under The Pole has at their disposal a selection of images from the two previous expeditions (North Pole & Greeland) privided for TV use. This end-to-end video is available from Grégoire Chéron upon request.

The short clip hereby cannot be used or downloaded as part of a TV use, it only serves the purpose to give an idea of the available images.

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Under The Pole III • 2017 2020

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