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UTP II – Greenland 2014-2015

Discovery Greenland

This new expedition is in the lineage of the first UTP I “Deepsea Under The Pole by Rolex” that took place in spring 2010. Whereas the first expedition has focused on the seaice in the midle of the Arctic Ocean, the second one will study the last lands of the planet over almost 2 seasonal cycles.

During 22 months, between the polar circle and north of GReenland, we will explore the coastal ice sheet, open sea ice sheet, glacier fronts, icy fjords and the continental shelf. We will dive from surface to the greatest depth possible with rebreathers et we will meet cetaceans, seals and polar bears. We will winter in the Nares Strait before setting off in spring 2015, with Inuit and their dog sledges to crossthe NOrth of Greenland and explore the greatest depths of these lands at the end of the world.

Departure in january 2014…


The Arctic is a victim of climate warming.

A fascinating world is disappearing.

Some species living there are threatened of extinction.

Many of them have not yet been observed.



Presentation & calendar

22  months between South and North Greenland in order to explore and better know frozen universes North of Polar Circle, and their role in the climate machine

On a complete season cycle, the team will push exploration to 100 – 130 m deep zone.



Progression towards North by sailing boat at the edge of ice floes – 150 dives.

At the end of polar night, the expedition will start by boat South of Greenland. During 8 months, she will sail up the West Coast along the withdrawing ice floe, where marine mammals concentrate.


OCTOBER 2014 – FEBRUARY 2015 :

Wintering and exploration from the “base camp boat” – 150 dives.

Once caught in the North Greenland ice, the boat will become a base camp for wintering during the polar night. Dives, shooting and scientific programs will give rhythm to life on board.


MARCH 2015 – JUNE 2015 :

Bypassing North of Greenland – 100 dives.

As soon as sun reappears, an Inuit group will join the ship with dog  sledges for the expedition final phase. As a team will continue the work on board, 4 divers will join the Inuit team to reach North Station in the North-East of Greenland : a  600 km adventure north of the most Northern territories, between mountains and ocean, between fjords and ice floes. During 4 months, this exchange between two cultures will allow to push away limits of exploration. By undertaking progression with dogs, Inuit too will contribute to this submarine exploration at Arctic Ocean boundaries.


By the end of summer 2015, the crew and its ship will sail back to France, after 18 months spent in North Arctic.


Explore, discover & observe

  • Bring back unpublished images of submarine environment.
  • Polar bears, arctic foxes, wolves, reindeers
  • Seals, walruses, narwhals, belugas, boreal whales, orcas, Greenland sharks, endemic fauna and flora, plankton, micro-organisms…
  • Fjords, giant icebergs, glaciers fronts, coastal and open sea ice floe, continental cliffs and continental shelf…


  • List polar submarine biodiversity encountered during a complete seasonal cycle, between surface and 130 m depth.
  • Study relations between atmosphere, ice and ocean.
  • Study human behaviour and its physiological adaptation to extreme conditions.

Testify & transmit

  • Bring a testimony on current climate changes, local stakes and challenges that society must take up.
  • Make new generations sensitive and stimulate them.


The expedition in ten points

  1. A pioneer and international expedition
  2. A new original testimony about a disappearing universe
  3. Unique unforeseen images
  4. A dozen of scientific programs
  5. A naturalist work
  6. An eye on melting icecap and climate warming
  7. 90% of the diving in unexplored areas
  8. A modern human adventure
  9. A very important worldwide visibility
  10. A young team

The expedition in figures

  • A multidisciplinary team : diver, sailor, engineer, cameraman, photographer, biologist, doctor.
  • 8 permanent persons regularly  joined by scientists.
  • 1 movie 110 min.
  • 3 documentaries 52 min for TV.
  • 1 “making of” of 52 min
  • 2 fields of study : environment and man
  • 1 pedagogic program
  • 8 team members
  • 4 Inuit hunters
  • 4 sledges and 48 Greenland dogs
  • 400 dives between 0 and 130 m
  • 3 gas used for diving : oxygen, nitrogen and helium
  • 5 diving rebreathers
  • 1 submarine habitat 
  • 2 paramotors
  • 1 polar sailing “base camp” boat of 20 m

Documents UTP II – Discovery Greenland (PDF)

Presentation File


Presentation leaflet



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